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myTXTbuddy is a service that is being used by individuals and organizations all over the world. Our team prides itself in providing the same quality, the same reliability, and the same support to both individual customers sending 100s of messages and corporate bodies sending millions of messages. Our list of current clientele runs across financial institutions, public institutions, churches, youth groups, and events sponsors. By choosing myTXTbuddy you join an illustrious list of customers who demand a high level of service and quality communication from our team.


GPHAmyTXTbuddy has proven to be an extremely effective way for us to communicate with Agents and Importers about movement of containers between the shipping line and the clearing bay for easy location and clearing by agents. The location of these containers are easily determined by agents which allows them to clear their goods quickly and efficiently.
Mr. Raymond Anamu
Head of Ports, Ghana Ports and Harbors Authority


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Listen to what some of our other clients have to say about myTXTbuddy and their experience with it.

LaPalmlogoWith myTXTbuddy, all our patrons are conveniently made aware via SMS about all activities happening in the hotel. It's convenient for our communications budget
Rachel Bruce
Head, Sales & Marketing, La Palm Royal Beach Hotel

Waec logoCommunicating with prospective candidates throughout the country was a daunting task for the council. Signing up on myTXTbuddy has taken the headache away. Now we can guarantee all students get regular and up to date SMS messages on their exams, schedule and venue. What is good about the service is the speed at which messages get delivered across the country with just a click of a button.
Mr. Stephen Donkor
Head of Administration, WAEC

UG Logo BetterBecause our students are scattered across the country, we are always at a fix getting information to them. This is important especially when there are changes to the program schedule or the inability of a lecturer to honor a lecture. With myTXTbuddy, we are able to deliver information to students quicker. Additionally we are able to send lecture schedules and reschedule lectures without a problem.
Prof. Olivia Kwapong
Institute of Continuing & Distance Education, UG

PENSA LogomyTXTbuddy has worked great for us so far! We started the service just over a year ago and have built a great database of OUR church members that we can reach anytime, anywhere with the Word of the God. It allows us to create groups and broadcast to the specified group. Love the service, DreamOval guys! Thanks!
Rev. Kwapong
District Minister, Victory Presbyterian Church

AMA LogoPlanning and scheduling district assembly meetings have improved considerably. Invites get to assembly members in time to honour invitations to attend meetings at the Head Office. It is also convenient to forward important information to Assembly members at the speed of thought. MTB is a phenomenal messaging service for any institution
Mr. Alfred Okoe Vanderpuije
Mayor of Accra

Legacy&LegacyTechnology is indeed a necessity and no longer a luxury. Through this amazing messaging service we are able to connect all participants and stakeholders of Springboard and communicate activities of springboard with a click of a button. What is more convenient than this? The unit cost of SMS is the real deal for this service. It saves us cost on our communication.
Rev. Albert Ocran
Convener, Springboard Roadshow

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myTXTbuddy is a Bulk SMS Service. We allow you to quickly and simply prepare SMS messages to be sent out to millions of your contacts at a go. myTXTbuddy is a proud innovation of DreamOval Ltd.