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The myTXTbuddy developer API was built with you in mind. We understand your need to be innovative and creative in the competitive world of software development. Like an artist's canvas, we know that you want to be free to do as you see fit.

This is why we've taken the pains to make sure that your application plugs in to myTXTbuddy seamlessly. No matter the language, there's an API that makes integration a breeze. For some selected languages, you'll even get code packages to further simplify your work.

If your language is not listed, no need to worry, join the developer community and be guided through the whole process. We are also working daily to add support for new languages. So let us know the language you are using.


Getting Started

1 Create a myTXTbuddy account (If you don't already have one)

2 Download the Developer API for your protocol of choice

3 Check if your language has ready-to-go packages

4 If supported, set up your development environment

5 If not, 1. Try hacking out the API for yourself or 2.Join the developer community and get some help

Once integrated, start reaching your audience!



This Application Programming Interface (API) describes how to integrate with the myTXTbuddy messaging gateway.

The gateway provides both SOAP and RESTful interfaces to allow users to manage their contacts as well as send messages.

The SOAP services return native objects while the RESTful service returns objects in JSON format

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  • Having difficulty integrating?
  • Caught a bug?
  • Have a feature request?

Join our developer community and get access to myTXTbuddy engineers as well as other developers who have already integrated. 24-hour Support, whenever you want it!

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myTXTbuddy is a Bulk SMS Service. We allow you to quickly and simply prepare SMS messages to be sent out to millions of your contacts at a go. myTXTbuddy is a proud innovation of DreamOval Ltd.