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myTXTbuddy is a cloud-based bulk SMS service that enables you reach your clients, colleagues, friends and family in seconds. SMSing has never been this easy! In just a few clicks:

  • Follow up on leads, transform them into real opportunities
  • Tell your friends about your wedding, party, graduation, etc.
  • Send pay slip notifications to your staff
  • Invite your customers to your product launch
  • Keep your congregation informed and inspired through daily devotionals
  • Schedule interviews with prospectives

Worrying about installation challenges? No need,It runs in the cloud. This means no:

  • IT equipment cost
  • Installation required
  • Need for support contracts
  • IT personnel needed

We do all the heavy lifting. Just buy credits for your messages and let us worry about the rest.

Do you want to import contacts? We support .csv and all Microsoft Excel Formats

Import thousands of contacts without breaking a sweat. MyTXTbuddy does the mundane job of formatting your numbers for you. If we can't figure out how to format the number, we'll ask you. No need to painstakingly edit your long standing contacts in Excel. Just Import It (see how)

Brand Your Messages by Creating your own 11 Character Sender Name

Dictate the sender name your recipients receive with your messages. No need for long phone numbers. Create a not-longer-than 11 character sender name which promotes your organization or persona. Learn some more about Sender Names

Communicate with thousands in a single click

Reliably send to thousands of recipients in seconds. No need to wait hours to get through to all your clients. We are constantly evolving our sending algorithms to make sure your messages go faster and more reliably.

Customized SMS in a magical way. It does all the mundane work

Get more personal with your clients and congregation. Send a bulk message and they will receive it individually, customized. There is so much you can do with this feature such as sending customized;

  • Salary Pay Slips
  • Dues breakdowns and reminders
  • Loan breakdowns and reminders
  • Interview details and reminders
  • And any other thing you can think of!

It's simply magical!

Manage your contacts with an easy to use contact management tool

Create, edit and delete your contacts without moving back and forth or reloading the page. Create any number of groups for your contacts by simply dragging and dropping them. This makes message sending convenient and easy. Learn how to add, edit and delete your contacts and groups.

Analytics and insights to help you make those critical business desicions

Keep a close eye on your messages with our simple and easy to read reports.No need for long Excel processes to see how your messages are faring. Access detailed reports of your message campaign with ease.

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About Us

myTXTbuddy is a Bulk SMS Service. We allow you to quickly and simply prepare SMS messages to be sent out to millions of your contacts at a go. myTXTbuddy is a proud innovation of DreamOval Ltd.